Vostok EP by Rekord 61

Rekord 61 — Vostok EP

Release date:
July 14 2014
Written and produced by Alexander Babaev. Contains a great remix by Spencer Parker.
Artwork by Alexander Menshikov.
Preview on Soundcloud:
Vostok, Vostok (Spencer Parker Workmix), Razbeg.
«The Konstruktiv imprint returns this July with a three-track package from label-head Rekord 61, entitled the ‘Vostok’ EP and backed with a Spencer Parker remix.

Opening the release is the original mix of title track ‘Vostok’, a gritty off-kilter number led by raw, dusty drum sounds, bubbling hisses and swirling atmospherics, while a squelchy 303 line and fluttering arp sounds add a unique charm and psychedelic feel to the composition.

The ever on-point Spencer Parker offers up a remix of ‘Vostok’ next, the Work Them / It’s Not Over label-founder delivers his signature sound here, tipping the focus over to a subtly blooming arrangement. Parker opts for weighty 808 drum sounds, while bright stab lines are processed with sweeping dub echoes, and the latter stages introduce the original track’s mind-bending 303 action.

Babaev then closes things off with ‘Razbeg’, again retaining a rather frenzied yet skilfully crafted feel with penetrating acid sounds, resonant, tension building synths and rugged analogue drums, creating yet another unique and intelligent piece to round off the release.»

XLR8R wrote: «On his remix of "Vostok"—the title track from Russian producer Alexander Babaev’s (a.k.a. Rekord 61) upcoming EP for Konstruktiv—Spencer Parker twists the original tune into an uncomplicated techno production. Led by pulsing synthetic-bell chords, the rework quickly lays into a bottom-heavy four-on-the-floor, adding sharp bits of percussion before Parker teases and tweaks a restless synth sequence atop the chugging procession. Parker’s remix is set to be included on Rekord 61’s forthcoming Vostok EP.» Data Transmission wrote: «And on his latest, Vostok, he successfully turns up the heat with an acid-inspired workout that’s tailor-made for the night’s darker and more deranged moments.
The original offers an early case in point. A groover of some distinction, its bottom end is hollowed out by a slew of shuffling percussion and a distinctive melody line that brings a real sense of poignancy to the table. By the time the intensity is racked up a notch, it’s really got us moving, making it the prime sort of track for Spencer Parker to remix.»
Ibiza Voice wrote: «His latest party-trick sees him step slightly away from the bulky and more concrete vibes which characterized his last EP (where a Perk remix perhaps gives you an insight into that one), but instead chooses to focus on a sort of groove-tinged palette that makes Trus’Me’s work so lauded.
Expansive and almost soulful in approach, ‘Vostok’ is a carefully layered and executed techno track that has emotion aplenty running through its veins.»
Inka EP by Nauruan Stranger

Nauruan Stranger — Inka EP

Release date:
June 02 2014
Written and produced by Johannes Loidl. Contains a great remix by Rekord 61.
Artwork by Marian Pramberger.
Preview on Soundcloud:
Inka, Inka (Rekord 61 Remix), Holga, Akbar.
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iTunes Beatport, Junodownload, Trackitdown.
«Austrian based producer Nauruan Stranger made his mark at the tail end of 2013 with the ‘Bot / Human’ EP, released via the Konstruktiv imprint where he returns to here. The Berlin-based imprint’s sound embraces a raw, gritty style focused on rugged rhythms, heavy bass and insistent grooves, making Nauruan’s productions a perfect fit for the imprint.

The original mix of title cut ‘Inka’ opens up the single, seeing Nauruan embrace bumpy, off-kilter drums, murmuring, atmospheric vocal lines and penetrating chuggy bass hook. As the record progresses we see ethereal pads and sporadic vocal licks thrown into the mix, alongside analogue synth hooks and heady subs, creating a contemporary workout, which oozes warmth and charm.
Label-founder Rekord 61 steps up next to rework ‘Inka’, the Berlin-based producer ups the tempo and instils a further grit into the original composition with menacing bass lines, baroquely evolving drum lines and an eerie tension throughout its six and a half minute duration.

On the latter half of the release we have two more originals from Nauruan Stranger, the first of which is ‘Holga’, the cut embraces a similar vibe to the preceding pieces, tipping the focus towards broken, dusty drum samples, whirring low-end tones and manipulated vocal snippets. The package is then rounded off with ‘Akbar’, this time the time signature takes on a 4/4 format with a weight kick drum and bubbling percussion, while a hypnotic 303 acid hook and intricately processed background atmospherics further fuel the mesmeric vibe of the record.»

Low — Life wrote: «Based in Austria, Nauruan Stranger follows up his debut ‘Bot / Human’ EP with a new offering for Berlin-based Konstruktiv imprint, which includes a remix of the title cut by the label’s founder Rekord 61.

The title cut evokes a mood of profundity and anticipation. On «Inka» Nauruan Stanger blends a muffled broken beat, a muted acid bass line, a dance of glowing synth pads, and indecipherable pitched-down vocal snippets.»
Polyus EP by Rekord 61

Rekord 61 — Polyus EP

Release date:
April 28 2014
Written and produced by Alexander Babaev. Contains a great remix by Perc.
Artwork by Alexander Menshikov.
Preview on Soundcloud:
Polyus, Polyus (Perc Remix), Val.
Digital version in stores:
iTunes Beatport, Junodownload, Trackitdown.
«Rekord 61 clocks the fifth release for his own imprint Konstruktiv this April with three track EP, ‘Polyus’ featuring a remix from UK techno don, Perc.

After a fruitful 2013 with three releases on Konstruktiv and remixes from heavy hitters such as Glimpse, Phon.o and Anstam, Russsian producer Alexander Babaev aka Rekord 61 opens 2014 with a grinding techno cut.

‘Polyus’ is a mix of twitchy drums, hi-hats and rolling acid licks that imbue the track with a gripping tension while Ali Wells, aka Perc, delivers a remix that takes things tougher. On his version, the London-based producer and Perc Trax boss utilises swollen sub bass tones and rapid drum patterns which gradually build towards a heavily distorted 303 explosion with thumping kick drums.

The EP closed with ‘Val’ - all broken rhythms and shuffling drums, it bubbles along until Rekord 61 introduces yet more acid alongside strings that melt effortlessly into the composition to create an infectious, tunnelling track.»

FACT wrote: «Rekord 61’s acidic squelches are drenched in the kind of distortion usually reserved for lads with beards in Ohio dubbing tapes in their basements, but it never loses sight of the dancefloor — a welcome feature in an era of disposable poseur techno.» Data Transmission wrote: «Rekord 61 really brings the heat, with the Polyus EP a sort of hardened battle weapons which are sure to fire up even the most ardent and determined of floors.
Visceral sounds are very much the order of the day from the offset, with the producer guiding us in a direction that takes absolutely no prisoners thanks to a bleak mass of overdriven frequencies and a tendency for some heavyweight acid meanderings.»
Ibiza Voice wrote: «Rekord 61’s latest EP, sees him deliver two stunning originals. The first of these is ’’Polyus’’, the title track and a destitute and foreboding battle weapon; the likes of which could easily be attributable to any of techno’s contemporary leading lights. Rich in pulverising acid squelches and bleak beats, it’s the sort of track that’s stuffed with atmosphere.» The Underground wrote: «In other words, this is techno with personality and soul — and a vast difference from the monotonous garbage that can sometimes pervade the modern genre. Having worked previously with Glimpse and with his latest record remixed by techno stalwart Perc, chance are that you’ll be hearing from Babaev again in the near future.» Timeline Music wrote: «Rekord 61 delivers an uncompromising, unrelenting and acid tinged three tracker that reeks of originality and purpose here that will delight even the most ardent of techno and acid lovers.
The title track is a proper, gritty old school acid flavoured techno number underpinned by a sleazy dirty bassline and powered by acid and filthy, crunchy hi-hats. Overlain with a piercing string and dripping with 303 squelches this packs quite a punch! Proper nasty warehouse vibes for those who like it raw.»
Bot / Human EP by Nauruan Stranger

Nauruan Stranger — Bot / Human EP

Release date:
December 16 2013
Written and produced by Johannes Loidl. Contains great remixes by Rekord 61 and Yukkon.
Artwork by Marian Pramberger.
Preview on Soundcloud:
Bot, Bot (Rekord 61 Remix), Human, Human (Yukkon Remix).
Digital version in stores:
iTunes Beatport, Junodownload, Trackitdown.
«„Bot“ is a heavyweight techno symphony. Acid house and big-room techno influence this mechanical groove that drives along at 113bpm.
„Human“ builds into huge synthesis of melodic sequences, analog bass riffs and odd vocal cuts. Absolutely brilliant!

Rekord 61 builds a firm and thick construction and emphasizes the essence of original version: „I was just wondering, what if the Bot is something more than just a Bot. What if it’s gonna be a Human?“

Yukkon’s interpretation of Nauruan Stranger’s „Human“ is influenced by the perception of a rising sun in a desert ambience. The extra focus on the hypnotic vocals and strings of the original bind together with analog bass and house beats, taking you on a deep journey to the cradle of humankind.»

«Great tracks loving the remixes as well as originals!»
Greg Girard /UnderGround BroadCast Radio Show

«Super groovy almost pitched down sounding original has a great feel to it.»
Deepak Sharma /Hidden Recordings, NYC

«Rekord 61 reworks really epic!»
Chris Stanford (EarToGround) London

«It´s so lovely to hear something different»
Hector Oaks

«Bot original is quite slow but the remix picks it up some. Human quite a bit more tech with sweet synth. Inteligent.»
Daz Furey /Fnoob Techno

«Will play definitively the original mix of „Bot“, very good stuff!»
Norman Nodge

«Rekord 61 rmx all the way!! wooW!»
Miss Sunshine /KMS, Decoy, TicTacToe, Monocline

Nedra EP by Rekord 61

Rekord 61 — Nedra EP

Release date:
November 25 2013
Written and produced by Alexander Babaev. Contains a great remix by Glimpse.
Artwork by Alexander Babaev.
Nedra, Izumrud, Nedra (Glimpse Remix).
Digital version in stores:
iTunes, Beatport, Junodownload, Trackitdown.
«Gemstones, jewels and astonishing minerals — the magic concealed in the subsurface («Nedra»). The song conveys reflections on the natural beauty, time, and mysterious processes that have been going on for millions and millions of years.

Side B «Izumrud» (Emerald) is delving into the ideas of «Nedra». The author is reproducing the feelings that the majestic emerald can evoke.

The second song on side B is a version by Glimpse: «I was keen to capture the drifting essence of the original whilst doing something slightly more dance-floor-orientated in order to balance the release.»»
Cosmic Disco wrote: «His sound is a raw fusion of beats and analogue sounding percussion run through with plenty of cerebral synths and off kilter grooves.
‘Nedra’ is a fine example of that with its dusty drums, jumbled and loose-limbed beats and curious ping-pong ball like hook. The deft pads that light up the track from behind add a certain resonance to the whole thing, with the results a refreshing house track that speaks it very own language.
A remix of the same track comes from Get Physical and Crosstown Rebels associate Glimpse, who is also turning heads with his brutal techno offerings as one half of Dense & Pika on labels like Hot Flush. His version re-imagines the track as a quicker, deep house cut but one that retains a rough and pleasing DIY aesthetic in its drums and perc.
The other Rekord 61 original is ‘Izumrud’, which is another playful and left of centre melange of jostling, restless drums and hi hats and more serrated and settled synth lines. It’s kinetic and lively at the same time as retaining plenty of human feeling.»

Chain D.L.K. wrote: «This forthcoming third tidbit by skilled Russian beat juggler Alexandr Babev aka Rekord 61 ideally drills through the highland he evoked on his previous release «Pereval». The playful and somewhat merry nuance of the title-track «Nedra» could make you imagine a secret gaming room of a group of dwarfs in their hidden mine, where a number of astonishing multicoloured rock crystals, jewels and gemstones surround a ping-pong table due to the sound of a ping-pong ball which makes an amazing groove of rocky thuds and granular harmonies, which sound like rising, friskier. The following track «Izumrud» (Emerald) seems to shuffle previous sonic and percussive elements, but its brilliant cuts are more entrancing. On this release, you’ll also find a remix of «Nedra» by UK techno wizard Glimpse, who extrapolated some sounds from the original version before interpolating them into a charming tech-house movement, which counterbalance the other tracks of the release by means of a wink to dancehalls.»

Pereval by Rekord 61

Rekord 61 — Pereval

Release date:
July 15 2013
Written and produced by Alexander Babaev. Contains a great remix by Anstam.
Artwork by Alexander Babaev.
Pereval, Pereval (Anstam remix),
Pereval, Pereval (Anstam remix).
Vinyl in stores:
Juno, Decs, Deejay, Triple Vision.
Digital version in stores:
iTunes, Beatport, Junodownload.
«The aesthetics of mountains and the spirit of alpinism became the inspiration for this work. Snow-capped peaks, changeable weather, difficult passes and endless beauty, which serves as a gratitude for the efforts of those wins mountains.

Anstam’s version is a snapshot, a frozen distillate, of the original track. This abstract condition builds up more and more till it reaches a rhythmic momentum where all parts, even the smallest, commuting in the same energetic frequency by delivering typically complex and expertly sculpted dancefloor structures. A bold statement of innovation and absolute perfection.»

De:Bug wrote: «Da rollt wirklich etwas auf uns zu. In den letzten zwei Jahren haben zahlreiche neue Produzenten aus Russland tief beeindruckt, Alexander Babaev könnte der beste von allen sein. Seine zweite EP zeigt das fulminant. Und auch die Art und Weise, wie releast wird, ist auf der Höhe der Zeit. Keine halbgaren B-Seiten, keine überflüssigen Bonustracks. Lieber Kontinuität in kleinen Dosen. Was für ein Monster, dieser Track. Lang gezogen, stoisch und plötzlich aufblühend, wenn alles zusammenkommt, kongenial und deep. So zurückhaltend das Original in seinem Arrangement ist, umso drastischer regelt das Anstam im Remix. Mit viel Volume auf dem Anschiebe-Seitenstreifen, trudelnden Acid-Markern und genau dem richtigen Gefühl für den kleinen Breitbeiner in uns, der von dieser mit Unkenntlichmachmaske versehenen Abfahrt nie genug bekommen kann. Wann kommt das Album?»
Kaskad EP by Rekord 61

Rekord 61 — Kaskad EP

Release date:
April 15 2013
Written and produced by Alexander Babaev. Contains a great remix by Phon.o.
Artwork by Alexander Babaev.
Kaskad, Kaskad (Phon.o remix), Prostor.
Kaskad, Kaskad (Phon.o remix), Prostor.
Vinyl in stores:
Juno, Decs, Deejay, Triple Vision.
Digital version in stores:
iTunes, Beatport, Junodownload.
De:Bug wrote: «Ganz und gar wundervolles Debüt von Alexander Babaev aus Moskau. Der Titeltrack läutet eine völlig neue Klangästhetik ein, mit wenigen per se vollkommen nichtssagenden Sounds erschafft Babaev eine Energie und eine Stimmung, die ihresgleichen sucht. Hier hat endlich jemand verstanden, wie man die Post-Everything-Nuss angemessen knackt. Mit einer Abkehr von ewig gleichen Tricks, der ewig gleichen Stimmung, der ewig gleichen Klischees. Das kommt Phon.o gerade recht, der macht sich kurz noch die Haare und erklärt den Track dann mit seiner Flutwelle all denen, die einfach noch nicht soweit sind. Die B2, «Prostor» umschwirrt den Frühling dann mit dem Stiefel auf der Monitorbox. Fantastisch!» Chain D.L.K. wrote: «Well begun is half done, as the saying goes, and Moscow-based Russian producer Alexander Babaev in the gise of his stage alias Rekord 61 must know that quote after this first brick of his newborn label Konstruktiv, whose name well summarise its underlying music policy. The release number 1 includes a couple of excellent tracks and a remix by renowned Berlin dj and producer Phon.o, which transpose some compositional techniques of IDM, based on the deconstruction of beat patterns, to make something which will make you think about the building of a monumental skyscraper. Softened hammering, muffled snare drum, bleeping ticktocks, a slowly rising synth-brass portrays an intense activity or a big construction site (or an imaginary electronic anthill) on the initial «Kaskad», whose source of inspiration came from monumental art and technical aesthatics of giant industrial constructions in the middle of the last century. It got wisely remixed by Phon.o, who rehashed pulleys, levers, cranes, concrete mixers and other tools by drier hits and effects on buzzing bass and synth-brass which accentuated the epic aura of the original version. The second track on B-side, «Prostor», lies on the catchy sound of a slapped bass, banging claps and joyful breaks, which gradually become stronger and stronger while rhythmical synths climb over unutterable heights.The foundations have just been laid.»


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